Dental makeover and full mouth rejuvenation
Full Mouth Rejuvenation and fresh new look

Full Mouth Rejuvenation and Dental Makeover

It sounds just as wonderful as it is: A complete restoration, rejuvenation and rehabilitation of your mouth. And in the end, you have a beautiful smile, and healthy bite and a renewed feeling of confidence.

When a person’s jaw is not aligned correctly, his or her bite may not be in its most healthy, optimal position. This is known as malocclusion. San Diego full mouth rejuvenation, smile makeovers

Teeth can wear down unevenly, chip or break. Even older restorations, including fillings and caps, can be damaged. Worse, malocclusion can cause a variety of annoying and painful problems, from headaches to discomfort when chewing.

The result is an unattractive smile that adds years to your appearance, decreases your self-esteem, affects your overall wellness and nutrition and causes you to experience other health issues.

Am I a candidate for full-mouth rejuvenation?

You are a candidate for full rehabilitation if you experience pain or numbness in your jaw, neck, back or arm; have stuffiness or congestion in your sinuses and ears; or have missing or chipped teeth.

What is involved in full-mouth rejuvenation?

You will have an analysis to determine if there is abnormal muscle activity that results in malocclusion. If so, steps to align your jaw will follow. Those may include wearing an orthotic or adjusting the bite through the application of dental restorations.

What can I expect following my full-mouth rejuvenation?

In our experience, smile makeovers are not only changing appearances but also changing lives.

When complete, you can expect to have a pain free, healthy bite. If your bite had caused problematic symptoms, each as headaches or tingling in fingers, you can expect a significant alleviation or complete cessation of pain.

The shape of your face may change as well, becoming more slender and defined, and your features may be more accentuated than before.

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