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Dr. Miller’s attention to detail, professionalism and patient care is very impressive!! Simply put, he’s the best dentist I’ve ever had.

Eric O.

Pacific Beach

After 11 years, I changed dentists in 2006 to Dr. Mike Miller. What a huge improvement! His attention to details and dental health are remarkable. This greatly improved my smile and understanding of teeth.

I now look back and know that going to Dr. Miller was one of my best decisions.

Jim B.

Del Mar

Dr. Miller was amazing! Having had previous bad dental experiences, Dr. Miller was so patient with me. He is passionate about his work, and I felt he would not settle for less than perfect. I was so lucky to have had Dr. Miller, I’d recommend him to anyone!

Shannon R.

Carmel Valley

Dr. Miller is very professional, friendly, and honest. His whole staff is very accommodating and his office is very comfortable. I chose to switch to Dr. Miller because I can see a huge difference in the level of service and quality I get when I go to Dr. Miller.

I completely trust Dr. Miller to give me honest advice about my dental health and my options when it comes to my teeth. I know by going to Dr. Miller I will keep my healthy smile and that I will be well taken care of. He is an amazing dentist!

Jennifer G.

San Diego

Doctor Miller

I would like to start off by saying thank you so much.

I believe that people come into other people’s lives for a reason. When I first walked into your office I would have never guessed what an impact you would make in my life. Just knowing that you are willing and wanting to help me fix my teeth brings me to tears of happiness and excitement for the future. I will never be able to explain to you how much this means to me. It gives me even more reason to stay on the right track and be healthy. I also have never come across a person who showed so much concern, care and compassion for a patient that they had just met like you did. I was so nervous coming into your office, but you really made me feel so comfortable.

And all I can say is “Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!”

You have shined some extra light on my life. It is something I will never forget. I am looking forward to what is to come!

Forever thankful.

Kelly H.N.

San Diego

After the birth of my second child I was found to have a Vitamin D deficiency and thus was not absorbing Calcium. The visual result of this was that my two front teeth appeared transparent. I changed dentists based on reviews and insurance and went to Dr. Miller.

He was fantastic and took all of the anxiety out of the process. After a year between dentist visits, a crack was found and some other issues with my 20+ year old fillings.

Dr. Miller did not make me feel like I had done anything wrong with the care of my teeth and took the totality of my situation into consideration when recommending treatment. Probably the best compliment I can pay is that the visits and work have been virtually pain free and the staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, and customer-service oriented.

If you are looking for a great dental health provider with a sense of humor and great disposition, and an office with updates like television or movies while you are worked on, you need to check out Dr. Miller.

I am thrilled with my entire experience from the quality of Dr. Millers work, his staff and most important how comfortable they made me. I was in the chair for 5 hours and expected to be in very bad pain especially the next day. His shots are truely painless big suprise after other dentists I had gone to. Another great touch was I was given a blanket and was able to watch a video while they worked.His staff is wonderful and very good at what they do. The next day I was a little uncomfortable but totally manageable but I was most impressed when he called the next morning to see how I felt.

Class act all the way and he did a beautiful job. I highly reccomend his practice.

Chris B.

Crowns, changing of cavity fillings to porcelain fillings, invisalign, general teeth cleaning.

Overall I’ve been very pleased with all the procedures that have been done by Dr. Miller and his staff. They are extremely professional in their approach and patient care, and extremely friendly and easy to work with. Dr. Miller takes time with you and explains things well. I never feel like he’s rushing me through the process and always feel like I am his most important patient when he’s treating me.

His mannerism and overall environment sets a stress free environment (both in the appearance of the office and in the approach and dedication to customer service that Dr. Miller demonstrates). I no longer experience any anxiety with coming to the dentist since I’ve began seeing Dr. Miller.

The front desk staff and all his support staff are pleasant, professional and easy to work with as well as knowledgable about insurance items. All insurance items are processed promptly.

I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Miller and his office staff. I have never been more pleased with my dentist than I am now. I highly recommend Dr. Miller as the dentist of choice.

About Hygienist: His hygienists are extremely professional and informative. I never feel chastised by them (which I have in the past by others that I’ve gone to). If I have not done my due diliegence with flossing for example their approach is more supportive and helpful than disciplining. Again, they are friendly and provide a stress free enviornment. I never thought I would say this given my prior experiences with hygienists, but I look forward to my teeth cleaning appointments.

Treatment Length with Dr. Miller: 2 years.

Dr. Miller and his staff are so nice. You don’t feel like your seeing the dentist. The staff make going to the dentist so relaxing and painless. I have been going to him for years and I’ve only had great results. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He’s fixed mistakes such as fillings on my teeth that my previous Dr. had messed up on. Also he has wonderful whitening treatments and my boyfriend is currently doing invisalign and I’ve seen so much improvement. Dr. Miller and his staff always make sure that you are feeling good in every possible way. I recommend him to all types of people seeking a professional Dr. in San Diego.

Treatment Length with Dr. Miller: 4 years.


Carmel Valley

Dr. Miller and his staff helped me be comfortable and feel safe. The end result is high quality and exceptionally beautiful work.

Kathryn S.


Dr. Miller and his staff helped me be comfortable and feel safe. The end result is high quality and exceptionally beautiful work.

Katheryne S.


Dr. Miller and his staff helped me be comfortable and feel safe. The end result is high quality and exceptionally beautiful work.

Joel C.

La Jolla

Dear Dr. Miller,
I wanted to write and personally thank you for the unbelievable job you did on my teeth. I have never liked my teeth and have always been uncomfortable with the look of them. I had white calcium deposits and they were uneven in length and width. Whitening or bleaching would only make the white spots whiter and more noticeable and the shape would never change.

After falling and loosing half of my front tooth, I was very unsure of how my teeth would look. You explained that if we only fixed the broken tooth it would look like one perfect tooth and would stand out. If we fixed the two front teeth it wouldn’t look much better. This was my chance to correct all the things that bothered me about my teeth. I decided to get four porcelain veneers that would correct the break, the color and the shape.

Thanks to your attention to detail and meticulous work, I have the smile I have always wanted. My teeth are gorgeous and I brag about the excellent job you did every chance I can. People are amazed at the way my teeth look. They never know they are veneers and that’s okay with me. Thank you for making me want to smile all the time now!

Yours truly,

Brin P.

San Diego

I can honestly say that Dr. Miller and his team make visiting the dentist an enjoyable experience.

I moved to San Diego five years ago from the east coast and wasn’t satisfied with a dentist here until I starting going to Dr. Miller. Initially, I sought Dr. Miller’s services for teeth whitening. After being impressed by his professional skills and the friendliness of both Dr. Miller and his staff, I transferred all of my dental work to his office. In addition to my regular cleanings, I had all of my silver fillings replaced with porcelain. The results were amazing.

Dr. Miller also impressed me by rearranging his schedule to accommodate my father when he was in town visiting. My father’s cap had fallen off and Dr. Miller saw him the same day we called to fit him with a temporary cap until my father could return home for a permanent.

Thank you, Dr. Miller

John T.

Solana Beach

My family & I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr Miller for over 5 yrs. He is the best dentist I have had ever. He has state of the art practice. He is the most gentle & caring dentist I have known. You literally cannot feel his shots, and I am a needle phobic. He is super conscientious and will not accept anything but perfection.

He did some pretty extensive cosmetic dentistry for me & I get many compliments on “what beautiful teeth” I have. Not “Nice crowns”. Very natural looking.

His staff is amazing. They are very helpful & supportive. They are highly skilled and professional. They go to bat for you to maximize your insurance benefits. LOVE the whole staff! The BEST Doc around!

About Hygienist: Jen the hygienist is very thorough & gentle. I love seeing her. Even my kids actually look forward to going!

Treatment Length with Dr. Miller: 5yrs.

I had toothache for a couple days and couldn’t reach my dentist in a couple attempts. Since I hasn’t been satisfied with my dentist’s previous treatment for a while, I found Dr. Miller.

The moment I got in touch with Heidi on the phone, I felt her warmness and sweetness are comforting. After she heard that I was in constant pain, she proposed me to go in right away and book me as the last appointment of the day.

Everyone,including Dr. Miller, nurse Tasha,and Heidi stayed late more than half hour after the closing time for me which really impressed me. They handled everything subtly, professionally, thoroughly.

Ever since I got my front tooth knocked out by a softball about 10 years ago, I have been through many dentists. None have been as helpful, precise, and reassuring as Dr. Michael Miller.

My initial implant, done by another dentist, looked nice – until my teeth began to move due to normal growth. I was left with a misaligned, gapped smile.

From day one, Dr. Miller made me feel comfortable and confident in his abilities by how knowledgeable and straightforward he was. He consulted with me and went over all of my treatment options. With my budget in mind, we decided to re-do the implant & veneer the surrounding three teeth.

The process was not a “quick fix” – from the very first day, it took just under 14 weeks to complete, but was well worth the wait. I was never in any significant pain throughout the process, and Dr. Miller took the utmost care in making sure that my temporary teeth looked as natural as possible.

I was nervous going in and a bit hesitant to get my teeth fixed, but Dr. Miller made the experience so pleasant. The results are fantastic – my smile looks natural and the new teeth are customized to my smile.

I highly recommend Dr. Michael J. Miller to anyone who is contemplating cosmetic dental work.

Had a root canal performed as my first service. I am anxious about dentists and let Dr. Miller know. He was patient and did an incredible job with very little pain. My tooth had two roots. I only felt the small pain with the second root. The tooth looks great and I no longer get anxious when visiting with the doctor.

The Del Mar office is nice and seems to have some of the latest dental equipment.

I have had an extensive experience with many dentists in my lifetime, here in the States and in Europe, but Dr. Miller truly stands above them all.

Being an expert in the latest dental innovations in combination with having the highest standards in technical excellence, Dr. Miller delivered amazing results that surpassed my expectations. His professional manners and stellar staff made me feel special.

Dr. Miller is truly extraordinary and I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking an exceptional dental care in a kind and beautiful environment.

Treatment Length with Dr. Miller: 3 years.

Eva A.

San Diego

My family and I have relocated to this area with the military and were in search of a family dentist. We Googled San Diego dentist and came across Dr. Miller’s web site. After throughly looking over the site we decied to give the office a try. When my wife called to schedule the appointments the front office staff was very helpful in helping her understand what the insurance would cover.

After going into the office we noticed that the pictures of the office on the website really didn’t do it justice. The Del Mar office is beautiful. I felt like I was at home. The waiting area has a fountain and a stocked refridgerator for the patients. The room had a TV and a massage chair. All of the equipment was state of the art. From digital x-rays to cameras to the laser to detect cavties.

Dr. Miller preformed the cleaning himself and I felt like it was the best cleaning I have ever had done. Not only was I very pleased with his staff and his services my wife was happy and so was our daughter. I would say if you are looking for a family dentist do like we did check out his web site and give them a call. I promise you won’t regret it.